Electric file (E-file)

Electric file (E-file)

Maintain and Finish Nail Overlays using an Electric File (E-File)

The e-file is a specialist course which is the next step for those already qualified in acrylic or hard gel nail enhancements. There are so many positive uses for the e-file within a nail service treatment when you train with professionals that are qualified and experienced. 

It greatly reduces the manual time with files which can lead to repetitive strain or tennis elbow.  However, there are many people offering it, having learned from youtube, bought an efile off the internet and carrying it out incorrectly!

Please take the time to train with us, the experts and ensure your client safety and comfort at all times. This recognised SQA qualification is at an SVQ Level 3 level which is a recognised qualification unlike some other courses by independent bodies. 

This means it is more in depth, with a higher level of knowledge and understanding making you a far superior nail technician, this will make you stand out from the crowd.  This means you need to have a previous qualification and experience in acrylic or gel to attend.  During this course you will complete the following:

Outcomes in this Unit are:

  1. Maintain safe and effective methods of working when maintaining and finishing nail overlays using electric files.
  2. Consult, plan and prepare for the use of electric files.
  3. Maintain and finish nail overlays using electric files.
Unit Overview
This standard is about the safe and appropriate use of an electric file during the processes of maintaining and finishing overlay materials. It covers consultation, planning and preparation for the use of electric files including the maintenance of the electric file handpiece and attachments.
To carry out this standard you will need to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene throughout your work. You will also need to maintain your personal appearance and demonstrate effective communication and consultation skills.
There is a workbook that is sent to you for home study, this is the content of the short multiple choice questions you get the chance to complete on the day.
On the day of the course:
Please note: Model required at 11am with Gel or Acrylic on the nails.
It will be a 4 hour course in total with your theory done prior to attending.
There will be a very warm welcome to you to start with followed by a demonstration from the tutor. 
To achieve this practical you will work on 2 of your own clients that already have a set of acrylic or gel nail enhancements on, there needs to be a growth gap to carry out the practical.  Do not worry as we are there to help you and guide you. 
There is a short multiple-choice question paper that you complete at the end of the day to pass the theory.  Once the practical and theory is 100% complete you will be awarded your result and certificate within a few weeks. 
If you need further time to study or practise you are welcome to return at a later date for a small fee of £50.  As this is an SQA qualification it can take up to 10 weeks to receive your certificate, however, if you need proof of course completion before this can be arranged, please ask.
Kit:  If you need a kit please ask for supplier details. 
On the day you need to bring an electric drill with you or you can put in a request to use the equipment at the training centre.  
Cost: £150
Non-refundable booking fee of £75, the balance of £75 can be paid on the day.

Course Information

Course Start 28-09-2021 10:00 am
Course Cost Non-refundable booking fee of £75
Location Haypark Business Centre, Professional Salon Training Room 22